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Best Cat Scratching Posts in NZ - Durable & Stylish Options


Attention, Kiwi cat lovers! Does your furry friend love to scratch everything in sight? Understanding the importance of this natural behaviour is key to keeping both your cat and your furniture happy. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of cat scratching posts, exploring the best options available in New Zealand to suit your feline's needs and your home's aesthetics.

The Importance of Cat Scratching Posts



  1. Natural Instincts: Scratching is more than a hobby for cats; it's essential for their claw health, stretching muscles, and territory marking.
  2. Protect Your Furniture: A good scratching post can save your beloved couch and curtains from becoming your cat’s next target.

What to Look For in a Cat Scratching Post



  1. Material Matters: Sisal, carpet, or wood? Learn which materials entice cats the most.
  2. Size and Shape: From tall towers to cosy corners, find a post that fits your space and cat’s preference.

Encouraging Your Cat to Use the Scratching Post



  1. Strategic Placement: The best spots in your home to place the post for maximum use.
  2. Training Tips: Simple tricks to get your cat to favour the post over the sofa.

Maintenance and Care



  1. Keeping It Clean: Tips on maintaining hygiene and extending the life of the scratching post.
  2. When to Replace: Recognize the signs that it's time for a new scratching post.

    Your cat's scratching habits don't have to be at odds with your love for your furniture. With the right scratching post, you can provide a fulfilling outlet for your cat's natural behaviour while keeping your home intact. New Zealand offers a variety of options to meet every feline's needs and every owner's style.

    Ready to find the perfect scratching post for your furry family member? Visit Catati's scratching range for a curated selection of top-quality cat scratching posts available in NZ. Shop now and bring joy to your cat's life (and peace to your furniture)!

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