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Instead of needing to facilitate a rescue, your cat will thrive in this ultimate all-in-one indoor playground. They’ll love exploring all the climbing options, sharpening their claws on the built-in scratchers, and curling up in comfy hideaways to feel safe and sound.

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Catati specialises in visually appealing, functional cat products online that will satisfy your furry friend while adding a colourful touch to your existing furniture. Shop our range of cat trees in NZ below! 


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Explore the full selection of high-quality cat supplies from Catati. We boast creatively designed cat scratch posts, boards, and toys perfect for paw-mpering your fur child. Need other cat accessories? We have those, too; browse now and enjoy free shipping on orders over $69!

What Makes the Perfect Feline Fortress? 

A cat tree encourages natural habits with a combination of activities that combat boredom, curb destructive behaviours, and promote healthy exercise. Choosing the perfect cat tree is an integral part of your fur baby’s life; consider these beneficial factors before you buy a cat tree in NZ. 

Stability and Safety

Picking a sturdy base is purr-amount! This is particularly true for taller cat trees, where uneven weight distribution can cause terrifying wobbles or tipping over, spelling disaster for your cat and the surrounding fixtures. Look for suitable base widths in relation to height or trees with pre-drilled options allowing wall anchors, offering added security and peace of mind. 


Cat trees are a significant investment, so you’ll want one that will provide your kitty with a reliable outlet for their natural instincts for many years. Look for long-lasting materials like sisal rope and solid wood, which can withstand constant scratching, climbing, and perching. 

Your Cat’s Needs

A variety of scratching textures keeps things interesting. From the rough grip of sisal to the plush softness of carpet, your cat can explore their ideal surface for claw care. Perches at various heights also cater to different preferences; adventurous climbers can survey their domain at the top, and cuddle bugs can find a cosy nook for an afternoon cat nap. 

Dangling toys spark playful instincts, while enclosed hideaways offer secure spaces for relaxation or a thrilling game of peek-a-boo!

When you buy a cat tree, consider one with an array of features. We guarantee your furry friend will never be bored.

Number of Cats

If you share your home with more than one playful kitty, a larger cat tree with multiple platforms and features may be more suitable for accommodating your crew of curious cats. Consider a tower with separate scratch poles, offering each member of your posse a dedicated space to scent mark and avoid conflicts. 

House Space

Before you buy a cat tree online, we recommend measuring your available space to ensure your new home addition fits perfectly. For smaller apartments, consider wall-mounted cat trees or designs capitalising on vertical height. 

Shop with Confidence at Catati

Catati isn’t just your average cat supply store. Our team of highly passionate cat lovers understand what your feline companion needs to recreate the ideal habitat for an indoor environment, keeping them safe, satisfied, and happy. That’s why we have curated a selection of comprehensive climbing cat towers that will delight your furry friend and be the perfect addition to your home. Find cat trees online on Catati today. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Trees in NZ

Is a Cat Tree Safe for a Kitten?

Yes, if it is at a low height. A kitten doesn’t have the coordination and strength of adult cats. Introducing an exceptionally tall tree at the start can be intimidating and dangerous. Start low and wait until your kitten is at least four months old before introducing them to a taller offering. Always supervise your kitten when they use a cat tree to ensure they don’t fall from an injury-causing height. 

Are Your Cat Trees Easy to Assemble?

Yes! We help you spend less time fixing and enjoy more play time with your fur baby by providing everything needed to assemble your new cat tree, including tools, connectors, and a practical step-by-step guide. 

Catati’s cat trees in NZ feature robust, soft, sturdy materials and a solid base, perfect for even the most enthusiastic kitties. 

What Warranty Do Your Cat Trees Have?

We have a 30-day return policy and a full money-back guarantee on all our products. Is your fussy feline not quite taking to their new cat tree like you expected? Don’t worry—we’ll take care of it.