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Scratching fulfils a cat’s natural instincts, relieves stress, and helps them achieve the perfect manicure. However, a lack of suitable surfaces can cause undesirable behaviours from your fur baby, who might start digging holes into your new sofa. Prevent furniture cat-astrophes and keep your furry friend happy with a durable cat scratching board from Catati.

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Our online cat store curates a range of playful and creatively designed cat scratch boards, from animal-themed surfaces to interactive panels; we are sure you’ll find the purr-fect fit for your cat and home. 


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How Do I Choose the Best Scratch Board for My Cat? 

When looking for a suitable cat scratching board in NZ, consider these features:


While scratchboard materials boast different durability levels, your cat’s scratching frequency and intensity can also impact how long your product lasts. 

  • Cardboard: The most common material for cat scratch boards, this affordable option provides a satisfying scratching experience, especially for cats that enjoy shredding. While it is the least durable of all the scratch board materials, cardboard is lightweight, easy to replace, and can last from a few weeks to months, depending on your cat’s scratch intensity.
  • Sisal: This natural fibre, which mimics tree bark, is the most durable choice and can last years with regular use. 
  • Carpet: This option is great for transitioning kittens and cats used to scratching carpets and can last a few months to a year. While it is more durable than cardboard, persistent scratching can cause it to unravel. 


When scratching, cats naturally stretch their entire body, including their back and legs.. A scratching board that is too small won't allow this full extension, leading to discomfort and potentially discouraging your kitty from using it. 

Consider your cat’s age and breed. A kitten would require a smaller initial scratch board, with upgrades as they grow. Large cats like Maine coons or rag dolls will need a taller scratch board to accommodate their full body length. If your cat seems cramped on their current board or struggles to extend fully, it might be time to buy them a larger cat scratch board. 

Scratch Board vs Post

While both offer scratching surfaces, cat scratch boards are typically flat or angled cardboard structures, ideal for horizontal scratching. Cat scratch posts, on the other hand, are vertical and cater to a cat's natural instinct to stretch and sharpen claws while standing. Consider your cat's scratching habits and preferences when choosing between the two. If your feline friend enjoys a good vertical stretch while scratching, a post might be the better option. If they prefer a horizontal scratching surface, a board is a great choice. Many cat trees even combine both elements for the ultimate scratching and climbing experience.

We recommend providing your cat with various textures and styles to encourage scratching on designated surfaces. Help your feline companion thrive with Catati’s wide selection of scratch posts, boards, beds, and more—perfect for a claw-some nail buffing session. 

Need help choosing the perfect cat scratch board? Contact our team of cat lovers for personalised advice! 

Encourage Optimal Scratching with These Placement Tips

Place your cat scratching board in high-traffic areas where your cat spends most of its time. These can include their usual napping spots, window perches, or paths to and from their food bowl. They’re more likely to notice and use it if they come across it often.

Block off problem areas targeted by your sharp-clawed kitty or distract from tempting scratching surfaces. A strategically placed cat scratch board will offer a more appealing alternative than your expensive new ottoman.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Scratch Boards

How Often Should I Replace My Scratching Board?

If you notice signs of wear and tear, please replace your board immediately. These include:

  • Excessive Frayed Edges or Shredding: This makes the board less appealing for scratching and could pose a choking hazard for loose pieces.
  • Loss of Structure: A warped or wobbly board is unstable and unsafe for your cat to scratch on.
  • Loss of Interest: If your cat stops using the scratch board, it might be too worn out or not provide enough stimulation anymore. 

And even if your fur baby’s scratching board is still in good shape, why not purchase multiple at the same time? It’s the ultimate meow-ve to shower your cat with love! 

My Cat Isn’t Using the Scratch Board, What Do I Do?

A hint of catnip can create wonders—sprinkle some on the scratch board or place catnip toys nearby to entice your cat to explore.

Positive reinforcement with treats and praise can also encourage continued use. 

Can I Make My Own Cat Scratch Board?

Certainly! Getting creative with cardboard, carpet scraps, or old furniture legs can provide a satisfying DIY project for you and your cat. 

While this exciting option can be fun and cost-saving, a high-quality pre-made cat scratch board purchased from a reputable retailer like Catati can be a more durable investment in the long run. Our ready-made cat scratching boards in NZ come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect option for your cat’s needs without time-consuming material gathering, cutting, and assembling. Shop now!