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A cat tunnel isn't just a toy; it's a portal to a world of exercise, mental stimulation, and relaxation for your cat. Watch in delight as your curious kitty explores the twists and turns, pouncing in surprise on dangling toys you’ve sneaked inside.

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While they're busy batting, chasing, and napping in their cosy haven, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cat is happy, healthy, and entertained for hours. Satisfy your fur baby with a playtime staple; buy a cat tunnel from Catati today!

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Keep your feline friend entertained with a fully decked out home. Browse Catati’s extensive online collection of toys, scratch posts, and cat trees in NZ. Need other cat supplies? We’ve got that too; shop now! 

Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Tunnel

Exercise Essentials 

Cats are natural hunters, and our domestic feline friends have certainly retained those predator instincts. Unfortunately, indoor cats often lack the opportunity for the exercise and stimulation they crave. This can lead to problems like excess weight, muscle weakness, and some genuinely claw-ful destructive behaviour. 

Cat tunnels for indoor cats provide a safe and engaging space for your cat. They become prime hunting grounds that trigger epic pounces and turn playtime into a full-body workout. This helps your feline companion maintain its sleek physique, strengthen muscles, and promote overall agility and well-being.

Tunnels can also help reduce unwanted behaviours like scratching furniture or chewing on objects by providing a healthy outlet for their energy.

Mental Stimulation

Just like exercise, mental stimulation is crucial for a cat's well-being. Without it, they can become bored and frustrated, leading to stress vocalisations with a symphony of meows and yowls that would make any composer jealous.  

Tunnels offer a stimulating environment that helps keep your cat calm and content, even when you're not at home. The enclosed space and multiple entry/exit points act like a puzzle box, encouraging them to explore, investigate, and problem-solve. Many cat tunnels also come equipped with dangling toys or feature crinkly materials that create enticing sounds and trigger your cat's hunting instincts.

Keep your cat entertained and out of mischief by investing in a cat tunnel, the ultimate boredom-busting (and furniture-protecting) solution for your furry companion. 

Calming Retreat

Cats are creatures of comfort and routine; sometimes, they just need a quiet place to catch up on their beauty sleep. Cat tunnels can be the perfect solution, offering a safe and secure haven for your feline friend. 

The enclosed space of a cat tunnel mimics a den, which provides a natural sense of security and comfort for your cat. For shy cats, a tunnel offers a safe space to observe their surroundings from the shadows without feeling exposed. They can peek out at their own pace, gradually building confidence and feeling more comfortable in their environment.

In a bustling home, cats may feel overwhelmed by noise and activity. For your cat, a play tunnel offers a quiet and secluded space where they can retreat for peace and relaxation, avoiding unnecessary drama with their fellow feline housemates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Tunnels in NZ

What Cat Tunnel Design Should I Get?

When choosing the right tunnel design, consider your cat's personality and living space. Collapsible tunnels offer a fantastic option for smaller apartments or those seeking space-saving solutions. They fold flat for easy storage when not in use and transform into exciting play areas when playtime rolls around. 

For energetic cats who love to zoom, pounce, and stalk, multiple entrances and exits keep things exciting and encourage exploration. Think of it as a personal obstacle course that fuels their natural hunting instincts. Built-in dangly toys can provide endless entertainment, triggering those primal urges to chase and capture, and crinkly textures add another layer of fun by mimicking the sounds of prey and sparking your cat's natural curiosity. Just be sure the toys are securely attached to avoid any accidental ingestion. 

Online cat shop Catati provides the perfect triple threat with the foldable cat play tunnel, quickly transforming from a tunnel into a cosy cat bed or a stimulating toy in seconds. It provides endless fun for your feline friend while remaining collapsible, space-saving, and easily washable for your convenience. Browse our full collection of cat tunnels in NZ and spoil your darling kitty with same-day delivery in Auckland! 

Are Cat Tunnels Washable?

Fabric tunnels are the most common type. While they are often washable, always remember to check the care instructions on the label. Gentle cycles with mild detergent are recommended to avoid shrinkage or fading.

Alternatively, plastic cat tunnels are typically easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the plastic.

How Do I Keep My Cat Tunnel In Place?

With all the high-speed fun happening around your indoor cat tunnel, it can be im-pawsible to ignore how it almost looks like it's breakdancing across the room. 

Try some strategic placement, such as positioning the tunnel in a corner or between furniture pieces, to create a natural barrier and help prevent it from moving.

For a more creative solution, stuff the ends of the tunnel with lightweight objects like blankets, pillows, or even crumpled up newspaper. This adds some weight to keep it in place while offering your feline friend a variety of textures to explore and potentially bat around.