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An overflowing, dusty, or just plain unappealing cat litter box doesn’t exactly make for a prime bathroom experience. You wouldn’t want to do your business in an unsavoury environment, and the same goes for your treasured felines!

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Give your cat the throne they deserve; find the purr-fect cat litter box from Catati that will transform nature’s call into a smooth, mess-free experience you’ll both look forward to.

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Types of Cat Litter Boxes in NZ


These high-tech wonders are the ultimate convenience for busy cat owners, making scooping duty a thing of the past! Featuring rakes or rotating mechanisms, self-cleaning cat litter boxes automatically scoop waste into a designated compartment, keeping odours contained and leaving behind fresh litter that is ready for another visit. 

While they come with a higher price tag, self-cleaning litter boxes offer the ultimate indulgence for a feline overlord who appreciates a clean throne.


Does your cat crave peace and quiet when attending to royal business? Hooded cat litter boxes offer a cosy, covered haven for your kitty to do their thing. These boxes also help contain litter tracking and minimise unpleasant odours, keeping your home smelling fresh.


Living life on the go? Disposable litter boxes offer a convenient solution for travel, short stays, or busy schedules. These water-proof boxes come ready to use and simply require disposal when soiled. 

Catati offers various options, from innovative self-cleaning models to handy disposable cat litter boxes in NZ. Whether you need a high-tech solution or a convenient option for travel or busy periods, we have paw-some choices for your cat's bathroom needs.

Choosing the Right Box for Your Cat's Needs

Picking the correct litter box is a small investment that can make a big difference in your fur baby’s happiness, health, and overall living experience. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a cat litter box in NZ. 


The material your litter box is made from can impact its functionality and suitability for your cat. 


Pros: Lightweight, affordable, readily available, and easy to clean.

Cons: It can be prone to scratches and staining over time, and enthusiastic diggers might easily tip some lightweight options.


Pros: Very durable, easy to clean, and some models offer a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Cons: Heavier than plastic, colder to the touch (might be off-putting to some cats), and typically more expensive.

Recycled Cardboard:

Pros: Eco-friendly, lightweight, and a disposable option for short-term use.

Cons: Not as durable as plastic or metal, prone to absorbing moisture and becoming flimsy over time.


Your feline friend needs ample space to turn around and dig comfortably. To determine the ideal box size, we recommend measuring your cat from the nose to the base of its tail and adding a few extra inches. 

  • Standard Size: Suitable for most average-sized cats.
  • Large Size: Ideal for larger breeds like Maine Coons or Ragdolls.
  • Extra-Large Size: Perfect for multi-cat households or giant felines.


Consider your cat's age and mobility. A cat litter box with a lower entry point can be helpful for senior cats or those with joint issues. Consider open litter boxes, which are easier to access, unlike hooded boxes, which might require a higher entry step.


Think about how much effort you're willing to put into cleaning. Self-cleaning boxes offer ultimate convenience, while disposable options eliminate the need for scooping altogether. Traditional boxes with smooth surfaces are the easiest to clean.


Does your cat prefer a covered haven for privacy or an open-air throne room? Hooded boxes help control odour and tracking but might feel cramped to some cats, while top-entry boxes offer privacy without feeling enclosed.

Cat Personality 

Shy cats often appreciate the privacy and security of hooded boxes. A kitty with spraying tendencies would suit a sturdier plastic box with a high back wall, while digging enthusiasts might benefit from a heavier, more stable material like metal. 

Have multiple fussy felines? Invest in larger cat litter boxes or multi-entry options to minimise competition.

Conquer Common Litter Box Woes 

Even the most well-trained cat can leave a trail of destruction (or should we say, litter?) in its wake. Fear not; here are some solutions to tackle common litter box issues and keep your home sparkling clean. 

Tackle Litter Tracking

Tired of chasing rogue litter pebbles across the floor? Consider investing in textured litter mats that help trap loose litter in crevices. 

Combat Dust

Dust storms are no fun for anyone, especially allergy sufferers. Opt for quality clumping litter like those made from tofu that form tight, solid clumps. This minimises dust when scooping and keeps dust particles contained within the clump. Consider a hooded box that traps dust particles inside the box, preventing them from circulating in the air. 

Minimise Maintenance

If you can afford to splurge, a self-cleaning cat litter box is the ultimate indulgence. It reduces daily scooping duties to emptying the waste compartment and refilling the litter occasionally. Alternatively, litter box liners offer easy convenience—simply remove the soiled liner and replace it with a fresh one when needed. 

Are you ready to transform your cat’s bathroom time? Catati houses a range of quality, durable litter boxes in NZ, perfect for even the fussiest felines. Shop online now!