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The Scratch Paradise

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Cat Scratch Board

Scratching fulfils a cat’s natural instincts, relieves stress, and helps them achieve... 

  • Playtime is one of the best ways to stimulate your cat's natural instincts. When the urge hits and your feline friend starts bouncing off the walls, keep them entertained with interactive food-themed toys, themed cat scratch boards, colourful cat tunnel fixtures, and more!

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  • You wouldn’t want to do your business in a second-grade toilet, so why would your cat? An innovative, easy-to-clean litter box keeps your home tidy and makes for a happy kitty. Explore our range of dust-free tofu cat litter, cat litter boxes, and odour-control solutions.

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  • Quality food is the basis of good nutrition and long-term health. Fuel your cat with high-quality cat food from trusted brands, perfect for even the fussiest eaters.

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  • While it’s adorable to watch your fur-baby clean themselves with their little tongue, they may need a helping hand sometimes. Regular brushing encourages a healthy coat and promotes that much-needed bonding time. Keep your cat looking picture purr-fect and feeling their best with our selection of cute brushes, nail clippers, and teeth care products. 

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  • There’s nothing like a good cat nap—your furry friend certainly takes loads of them! For animals that can sleep up to 20 hours a day, a comfortable sleeping spot is non-negotiable. Provide your kitty with a cosy haven to relax and unwind; discover homey scratching beds, themed cat caves, and unique cat houses on our online cat shop. 

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Catati is Your One-Stop Online Cat Shop

As a cat parent, there is nothing better than the happiness of your beloved fur child. That’s what we’re all about here at Catati, where we’ve curated a wide range of cat scratch posts, toys, and other unique cat supplies online to help you paw-mper your kitty. 

With same-day delivery and free shipping on your first order and subsequent orders over $69, there’s no reason not to shop for cat products online with Catati. Start browsing now!

Who is Catati?

We aren’t just your average online cat store; you won’t find our offerings anywhere else in the country. As a New Zealand-owned and operated company, we provide cat lovers nationwide with specially curated brands and adorable products from our home brand.  

Why should humans have all the fun? As a cat parent, we know that you’ll want to treat your kitty to nothing but the best. With Catati, we make that paw-sible.

Want a hot spring-themed cat scratching bed? How about a carrot-shaped cat cave? At Catati, our products are easily integrated into your home and bring a touch of decorative flair. You’ll enjoy them just as much as your cats will! 

As cat parents ourselves, we are well-equipped to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us for recommendations or advice on finding the perfect products for your feline friend. 

Need immediate delivery on a cat tree in NZ? We’ve got you covered with same-day delivery in selected Auckland areas and expedited shipping for other parts of the country, so you receive your package quickly and conveniently. Shop with Catati by browsing the offerings on our cat store online now.