Why Catati?

Ever wondered why Catati isn't just your average pet store? Here's the scoop: we're all about cats, and only cats. We totally get what makes them tick – their favourite scratching spots, what tickles their taste buds, and all their quirky habits. Every scratcher, cat litter, and accessory we pick is based on our cat know-how. And hey, we're cat parents too, just like you. We understand you want the best for your feline friend, without any fuss. So, we've got your back with products that make both you and your cat happy.

But hang on, there's more! A great experience isn't just about awesome products. It's also about the service you get – quick deliveries, helpful customer support, and all the little things that make shopping with us a breeze. We're committed to making Catati the ultimate haven for cat lovers, covering all your needs from A to Z. With us, it's not just shopping, it's a full-on cat-loving experience!