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Your cat deserves nothing but the best. In addition to meeting obvious food and playtime needs, investing in quality cat litter also provides a satisfying, catered environment where your cat can do its business in comfort.

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Among the options, tofu cat litter is rapidly gaining popularity with cat owners for its sustainability and many benefits. Featuring food-grade cylinder-shaped particles that are soft on your cat’s paws, clump well, and control odours, there is paw-sitively no reason not to make the switch. 

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New Zealand-owned and operated, Catati is home to an impressive collection of cat products. Complement your purchase of tofu cat litter with a brand new litter box or shop for feeding, grooming, and other essential supplies on our online store. 

What Are the Benefits of Tofu Cat Litter? 

Tofu cat litter is gaining traction for good reasons. Here’s a breakdown of all its key advantages:


What do cat litter and tofu have in common? If the edible aspect of this litter type sounds familiar, it is. Tofu cat litter is made from soybean pulp, byproducts of the soy milk production process that are usually discarded. Using this leftover material reduces landfill waste and minimises environmental impact.

Superior Dust Control

Forget the days of dust clouds erupting with every cat dig! Featuring a soft texture that minimises dust formation, tofu litter creates a healthier environment for you and your fur baby, especially if they have a sensitive respiratory system. No more irritated eyes or scratchy throats—just a fresh and breathable space for everyone to enjoy.

Powerful Odour Control

Leave unpleasant litter box smells in the past. Tofu cat litter boasts incredible odour-neutralising properties. Its naturally absorbent soybean base effectively traps stench, preventing it from spreading throughout your home. Incredibly, this cat litter type also comes with a gentle soybean scent that some might say is reminiscent of milk. 

Effortless Cleaning

Nobody enjoys wrestling with crumbly, stubborn litter that falls apart and leaves residue on the bottom of your tray. Highly absorbent tofu cat litter makes waste removal a breeze, letting you collect easily scoopable clumps with each pass, returning your cat’s litter box to its fresh state and ready for its next visitor. 

Is Tofu Cat Litter Flushable?

Yes! Say goodbye to the hassle of finding space to dispose of kitty waste. Catati’s cat litter products are flushable in small quantities, providing a fuss-free waste disposal system. Take care not to flush large amounts simultaneously, as it can cause plumbing issues. 

Unfortunately, not all tofu cat litter is flushable. For more information, please refer to your brand’s usage specifications. 

Why Tofu Beats Clay Litter

While clay cat litter might seem like a budget-friendly option at first glance, tofu litter is an im-paw-ssibly revolutionary alternative to its traditional counterpart. 

  • Freshness That Lasts: Unlike clay, tofu litter doesn't trap odours—it neutralises them! This means a fresher home environment and less frequent litter box changes.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Tofu litter's superior clumping means you use less litter overall. Plus, tight clumps make scooping a breeze, saving you time and frustration.
  • Clean Paws, Happy Cat: Ditch the dusty mess! Tofu litter's larger granules minimise tracking and are gentler on your cat's delicate paws.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Made from natural, biodegradable soybean pulp, tofu litter is kind to the environment, unlike clay that ends up in landfills. Some brands are even flushable (check the label!).
  • Safe for Curious Kitties: Unlike clay, which can be harsh on sensitive lungs, tofu litter is crafted from non-toxic, food-grade ingredients. Even if your inquisitive feline friend decides to take a nibble, there's no need to worry.
  • Long-Term Value: While the initial cost might appear higher, tofu litter's efficiency means you use less overall. Plus, its eco-friendly nature makes it a clear winner in the long run!

At Catati, we’re passionate about providing only the top-of-the-range products for your beloved furry family members. That’s why we advocate for the best innovative food brands, playtime products, and cat litter, tofu types in particular. 

Experience the benefits of this litter type by making the switch; shop Catati’s range of tofu cat litter in NZ and enjoy free shipping on your first order!